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Time to Peel!

Do you have hyper-pigmentation, texture issues or fine lines and wrinkles? If any of these concerns are on your mind, it may be time to consider chemical or enzyme peels.

Chemical and enzyme peels penetrate deeper into the epidermis to help stimulate fibroblast cell and breakdown the pigmentation that has formed from acne, sun damage, skin trauma and even melasma and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Fall and winter are a great time to get these services and people tend to stay indoors more often and are not getting as much sun and heat exposure which are to be avoided while getting these advanced treatments.

If you are a client who has already received a chemical or enzyme peel treatment or series, you may even want to pair the service with a dermaplaning to offer even deeper product penetration and more rapid results. This service has the added benefit of removing the fine facial hair leaving the skin ultra smooth.

There are a variety of options available for either a chemical or enzyme facial treatment. If you are interested in any advanced treatments, I recommend having at least one facial with the provider you are interested in. This will help them determine your skin condition and the best course of action to provide the results you desire in the most effective possible way. Results do vary from one person to another depending on the current condition of the skin, the cause of the concern being treated and the number of treatments you choose to have. It is important to discuss all your concerns, your desired outcome and your budget before starting any advanced services.

Here at Smooth Solutions, I provide chemical and enzyme treatments and would love to go over the options with you. Please contact me to set up your first facial and we will go over the advanced services that will help you achieve your goals

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