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New Treatments and Big Changes Coming!!!

After an amazing 1 year anniversary, I am happy to report that all product orders have been fulfilled and that the shelves in the studio are full once again. The Dermalogica mask sale for the month of October is going well and there are several products to choose from at 25% off until 10/31/20.

I have brought in great new products for use during treatments from PCA, Circadia and Dermalogica is soon to launch new innovations as well. Targeting all concerns from acne to aging, I have been creating great treatments that are producing beautiful results. I will certainly mention them during the consultations if I believe that you would benefit, but please do feel free to ask about them :)

In addition to great new products, I am now also including hydrodermabrasion, microdermabrasion and radio frequency to my advanced modality options. I will be including these services to the treatment menu with the already very popular Rezenerate, Dermaplane and LED treatments very soon, so please do keep an eye out. If you have any questions about these new treatment offerings or any of those that are already available, please do not hesitate to ask about how they could enhance or accelerate your results.

Finally, I am extremely excited to announce that Smooth Solutions will be expanding. As I look to the future and with the inclusion of new services, I want to provide every client with an incredible experience here in the studio. No need to worry! I will not be leaving the Sola Salons of Canton. I will be expanding my current space with the studio right next to my current location in the building. In doing this, I will have much more room to work and also for my clients to enjoy as they prepare for their treatments. The work to expand will be taking place December 7, 2020 - December 14, 2020. I will not be able to take clients during this time and many clients have been booking services in advance for the Thanksgiving and December Holiday/Christmas season. Now that there is a definite date for the work to be completed, I strongly encourage booking in advance as the schedule is starting to fill quickly.

It is an exciting time, even during this strange year we have had! As always, I am endlessly grateful to everyone for the love and support!!! I look forward to this holiday season and to providing you with the very best in skin care solutions to help you achieve your skin goals!

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