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Covid - 19 Update - November 2020

“In facilities offering non-essential personal care services, including hair, nail, tanning, massage, traditional spa, tattoo, body art, and piercing services, and similar personal care services, gatherings are only permitted to the extent that services do not involve the removal of face masks. All services must be provided by appointment, and gatherings in waiting areas are prohibited.” Please note that this means that face masks must be worn for all services. If a face mask cannot be worn, the service cannot be provided at this time. “Face mask” is defined in Section 1 of the Order as “a tightly woven cloth or other multi-layer absorbent material that closely covers an individual’s mouth and nose.”

The statement above is clarification provided by the State of Michigan/LARA regarding the current round of restrictions and expectations of all service providers during the next 3 weeks to reduce and prevent the spread of Covid-19 at this time. During this time, I am pausing all services that require the removal of masks to be performed. This will include all facial services and facial waxing (with the exception of brow services). Lash services, body treatments and body waxing services will remain available unless restrictions are enhanced or changed. If you have an appointment for a facial service, I will be reaching out to you regarding your appointment and options for facial kits and rescheduling your treatment. Maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and utilizing all of the tools available to me to provide a healthy space for all, has always been common practice here at Smooth Solutions and will continue to be a top priority. I will be following this situation closely and continuing to post updates on all social media accounts and the website as they are available. Please continue to be socially distant, wear your mask (covering mouth and nose) and when you do come for services remember to call or text from your car for entry instructions. Of course, if you do not feel well, have been exposed to others who are not well or have any concerns about your appointment please reach out to reschedule. There will not be any fees for late cancellation during this time to those who reach out. I am hopeful that this work we do to keep each other safe and healthy now, will allow businesses to remain open and ensure a more rapid return to regular services. Until then and as always, I am here for you and welcome you to reach out to me. Stay Safe and Healthy! Nicole

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