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Covid-19 Response & May Update

As we are about to enter the month of May and the extension of the "stay home, stay safe" orders, I have decided to again close my schedule for hands on services until further notice. I will be in contact with everyone who had appointments scheduled.

While I do miss being able to provide hands on treatments and in person service, I have been providing virtual consultations and skincare prescription services, product deliveries and offer at home facial kits to boost home care results during this time. While these services are not able to replace the treatment room experience and results, I have had such a positive response. I do plan to continue providing these services until it is possible to see you at Smooth Solutions.

Unfortunately the uncertainty of this time has forced me to rethink the planned deals, discounts and specials which were going to be offered this Spring/Summer season. All previously planned specials will be scrapped and I will be restructuring. New specials will be announced soon. I do apologize if you were anticipating a certain discount or service special, but due to the current uncertainties I believe this is the best option for moving forward.

I would like to again express how deeply grateful I am for your kindness, patience and support through all of this. I know that for so many of you, getting your treatment was part of your self-care routine and I want you to know I am still here to be a part of that. I am a phone call, text, email or direct message away, and I welcome you to reach out to me to maintain that routine.

I do look forward to seeing you again very soon. Until then, please stay safe and healthy.

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