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Booking App Changes

Recently I made changes and tried using AestheticsPro for my new client portal and booking services. While it was my hope that the system would prove to be more powerful and useful to myself and to my clients, it sadly did not live up to the expectations. Though there are some very great features, I have heard your feedback and have decided to go back to Vagaro for the time being.

Transitioning back to to Vagaro should not be as challenging as the change to AestheticsPro was. I have already transferred all of your future appointments over. I will be taking advantage of the forms features through Vagaro soon, which does mean that you will unfortunately be asked to complete consultation forms and waivers one more time. I will do my best to make this as easy as possible for you though and will be happy to complete the forms with you in studio if you do not wish to take the time before you come in.

I appreciate your continued support and patience with the process.

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