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April Covid-19 Services Update

To All My Valued Clients,

I hope that you have been able to stay safe and healthy as the spread of Covid-19 continues. My family and I are doing our part by following the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” orders and are hopeful that in doing so, we are helping to lessen the curve so we may all emerge from this sooner and with less risk to everyone’s health and safety.

I miss my work, and all of you, more than I could ever put into words, but I know that it is better to keep my doors closed for our health and safety. Though we have not been given any update regarding business closures, the information suggests that until the spread of this illness is no longer rising by the thousands on a daily basis and we have more data, it is simply not safe for me to resume hands on business at Smooth Solutions on April 14th.

With the information the Governor provided yesterday, the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order will continue for the foreseeable future. This may, and likely will change as the days pass. With this uncertainty, I am going to be postponing all services for the remainder of April. As more information becomes available, I will be reaching out to everyone to reschedule all services that have been missed in the order of original scheduled dates. Of course, I will make every effort to accommodate any schedule changes you may have had due to the Covid-19 outbreak as well.

Until we are able to meet in person, I am available to you for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your skin care. I am more than happy to deliver products if you are running low (discounts and deals will be posted on my website, Instagram and Facebook page), we can do phone or video consultations and/or zoom meet ups. Also, I can offer suggestions on how to boost your current homecare routine so you get a little extra at home before your more intensive treatments with me. We can also discuss alternative options to professional products in this time until you can return to the regular routine. I am definitely happy to help in any way I can and have loved the messages and chats that we have had so far.

I do look forward to getting our routines back on track and have been working very hard to ensure when your treatments and services resume, I will have more knowledge, new & improved techniques and will be continuing my work to provide the absolute best products for the care of your skin’s needs. Until then, thank you for your continued support and please stay safe and healthy!

Warmest Wishes,


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