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December Update &Treatment Options

Today, Governor Whitmer announced that the mask requirements and restrictions are to be extended through December 20th, and she gave a great deal of indication that industries and service providers that would require mask removal to offer services should expect there to be additional extensions heading into the holidays and the weeks to follow.

Sadly, this means that I am to continue the pause of any services requiring the removal of a mask to be performed. I will be contacting all clients who have pre-booked facial treatments and facial waxing services (with the exception of brow waxing/tweezing) through December 20th to postpone services until I have a more clear indication as to when services may resume. And I anticipate that those with services in the weeks following Christmas will be postponed as well.

Of course, I am deeply disappointed that I am not currently permitted to provide the services that so many are seeking. However, I am not without options to help maintain treatment results and boost your home care until I am able to provide hands-on services again. In addition to continuing to perform body treatments and waxing services, I am also providing in-person consultation services and creating completely customized home treatment kits with complete step-by-step instructions to help ensure your skin continues to benefit from the professional treatments you have already invested in. And of course, I am happy to meet with new clients as well. Kits start at $30.00.

With all of that said, facial services will eventually resume again and with the coming holiday, please remember that the Gift of Great Skin and Relaxation is always well received. I am currently offering 20% off of the Deluxe Signature Facial when you purchase a Gift Card online. Simply click the book button and scroll down the the "Daily Deals" section. Of course, you can also choose to purchase a gift certificate for any other services or amount by clicking the "Gift Cards" tab.

Throughout this very unique and challenging year, I have receive an abundance of kindness, love and support for which I am beyond grateful. I look forward to returning once again, to hands-on facial services and treatment routines. Until then, please know that I am here for you and happy to help in any way, do not hesitate to reach out.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Happy Holidays!!!

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